Giving back

Girls Tide

Swimming has a myriad of benefits for all children, so much more for children with special needs. Water is a fun and relaxing place to exercise because with each kick or stroke, water resistance helps to build muscle tone and strength. Learning to swim is even more important for children with disabilities as it helps with balance and coordination. There is nothing better than the look on a child’s face when they’re thinking “I did it”. This builds self confidence and self-esteem.

And we’re not even mentioning the benefits of the Sunshine Vitamin and fresh sea breeze!

As a family, we never take what we have for granted. That is why we are investing a portion of our profits to provide opportunities for underprivileged, special needs or disabled children to access the outside and get the pure enjoyment and benefit of the sea.

Giving back

Save the Oceans

The oceans cover a whopping 71% of the Earth’s surface. Healthy oceans are critical for life on this planet. They provide the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe. We can’t take for granted that the oceans will be clean, filled with fish and a fun aqua-playground forever. It’s really important that we all find ways to save this big, blue, beautiful part of the earth. We only have one planet to live on.

Preserving it for the next generation to enjoy must be the ultimate end goal.That’s why everyone at Seastar Swimwear are committed to do our big and contribute our own resources for cleaner oceans.

To date we have contributed to removing 50 pounds of rubbish from the ocean.

Save Our Ocean